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  • Football Season on the Horizon - Zack Handy– AVC Navigator The Marauders football season is less than two weeks away. With plenty of excitement buzzing around the campus a preview of the upcoming season will be brought to you shortly. This will include key players to be on the watch for as well as key games to look forward too. Along…Read more Football Season on the Horizon
  • Open Auditions for “Noises Off” - Jeff Janiszewski-AVC Navigator The Antelope Valley College Theatre Arts Department is holding open auditions for Michael Frayn’s Noises Off. Auditions are Friday, August 22 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., and Saturday, August 23 from 10 p.m. to 2 p.m. in the AVC Performing Arts Theatre. A range of both male and female roles will…Read more Open Auditions for “Noises Off”
  • More than 14,000 Enrolled for the Fall - Zack Handy– AVC Navigator After state budget cuts Antelope Valley College has had a mad comeback in enrollment. With 14,100 students enrolled as of August 4th, and this number only looks to increase with the start of the semester. In 2012 the State of California allowed community colleges across the state to begin restoring lost…Read more More than 14,000 Enrolled for the Fall
  • Join The Journalism Club Today! - Jeff Janiszewski–AVC Navigator Antelope Valley College’s Journalism Club is open to new membership. Explore and report on a variety of interests surrounding the  campus and the local community. Members will have the opportunity to contribute using a variety of media and approaches, including writing, photography, illustration, podcasting, and social media. Anyone can join. Contributors will…Read more Join The Journalism Club Today!
  • Apprehension About Math 70 and Math 102 - Towanda Weems – AVC NAVIGATOR Fueled by rumors of the discontinuation of both Math 70 A&B and Math 102 A&B, nine students spoke at the board meeting held in March 2014, to protest the decision. They were upset that the A&B format would be discontinued. Faculty at Antelope Valley College recognizes there is a need…Read more Apprehension About Math 70 and Math 102


Spring 2014 Oasis

Click here to download a PDF of the Spring 2014 Oasis.

Introducing The Oasis, a campus magazine edited and designed, in large part, by the student editors of the AVC Navigator, as a part of AVC’s Journalism program. The Oasis is an annual publication highlighting the significant awards and accomplishments of Antelope Valley College students, faculty, and staff. The mission of The Oasis is to bring together information from all areas of the campus and to celebrate, as a community, what we have done and where we are going.

Antelope Valley College has a lot to offer the students and community of Antelope Valley, and it’s time to let our light shine. We are proud to introduce you to The Oasis and look forward to your contributions to our efforts next year. You may click the icon below to download a digital copy of the magazine, or find one in any of the old Examiner kiosks on campus.

We hope you enjoy this inaugural issue of The Oasis.

2 thoughts on “AVC Navigator

  1. Hey I’m a student on campus and I would really like of you guys had articles on things that could effect students. I’m sure this is the campus news so I think articles that affect students should be on here. Stuff like statistics on how many transfer out and how many came in, I guess facts. Also things that happen with clubs and ASO. I don’t know just suggestions.

  2. Hey Tony,
    The student writers are working on it, and especially a transfer story. If you are interested in writing for the Navigator, please consider joining our staff (taking J121 and J123). I’ve passed your note onto the Editor.

    Dr. R.

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