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The Fall Oasis Magazine is here!

Fall 2014 Oasis

Click here to download a PDF of the Fall 2014 Oasis.

Click the image to the left to download a digital copy of the magazine, or find one in any of the old Examiner kiosks on campus.

We hope you enjoy this second issue of The Oasis and Happy Holidays from the Navigator and Oasis staff.






 Past Issues:

Spring 2014 Oasis

Click here to download a PDF of the Spring 2014 Oasis.


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3 thoughts on “AVC Navigator

  1. Hey I’m a student on campus and I would really like of you guys had articles on things that could effect students. I’m sure this is the campus news so I think articles that affect students should be on here. Stuff like statistics on how many transfer out and how many came in, I guess facts. Also things that happen with clubs and ASO. I don’t know just suggestions.

  2. Hey Tony,
    The student writers are working on it, and especially a transfer story. If you are interested in writing for the Navigator, please consider joining our staff (taking J121 and J123). I’ve passed your note onto the Editor.

    Dr. R.

  3. Love that the newspaper’s link is on AVC’s website, I had no idea how to get to the schools paper. Great idea! The articles from the fall 2014 class are informative thus far. I work on campus and had no idea when the football season starts, that we had a journalism club, or that we are putting on a comedy called “Noises Off,” which sounds like it will be a very entertaining show. I look forward to getting more great information from your paper, possibly updates on these articles.

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