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Introducing Say Whaaat?

Short spots of student concerns, issues, or what’s on student’s minds.

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Top Stories…

  • Conversation’s with AVC’S STEM Interns - By Shardai Jones I am so happy to say that we have reached salary gender parity in STEM professions in the United States. Female graduates of the Antelope Valley’s Airframe Manufacturing Technology baccalaureate program will take jobs with the same growth potential and compensation level as their male colleagues. Technical literacy is the knowledge that…Read more Conversation’s with AVC’S STEM Interns
  • AVC’s Job Placement Center - By Demetrius Hill – AVC Navigator Photos by Nick Froelich We are in Spring, 2015, and it is still tough trying to find a job in this economy.  It is even harder trying to stay focused on school while sending out numerous applications for employment. Thankfully, AVC has a program that can make your work and…Read more AVC’s Job Placement Center
  • What is Distance Education? - By DiAnna Alvarez – AVC Navigator Distance Education is an online option for Antelope Valley College faculty and students. At AVC, faculty and administration realize there may be difficulty getting to west Lancaster everyday for school, so distance education has been created for the convenience of students. Distance Education offers courses all year round, from Fall…Read more What is Distance Education?
  • The Negative Distractions of Social Media - By Michelle Sanchez – AVC Navigator With finals quickly approaching, many students are turning straight to their cellphones as a way of avoiding all of their responsibilities. They check to see how everyone else’s lives are going and pretend they don’t have three papers due and four tests to study for in the next two…Read more The Negative Distractions of Social Media
  • Beyond Average - By Shardai Jones – AVC Navigator “Everything you encounter in life is a pre-requisite to your purpose.” –Shardai Jones If you have ever strived to barely get by because of the amount of effort it takes to give 100%, then I would like to challenge you! I challenge you to not only strive for better…Read more Beyond Average
  • Ask Auntie Lopa - By Marquita E. Waters – AVC Navigator Welcome to “Ask Auntie Lopa’s” online Q&A Column.  This column is a campus community advice and human interest column.  Auntie Lopa is a saucy and feisty old sage who has been around the block more than a few times, and has made her fair and unfair share of…Read more Ask Auntie Lopa
  • Healthy Nutrients for a Healthy Life - By Marquita E. Waters – AVC Navigator Attitude Our attitudes guide our thoughts.  Our thoughts create our decisions.  Our decisions determine our actions. Our actions decide our consequences. Our consequences generate our destinies. Someone once said that gratitude is the attitude that sets the altitude for living.  How are you living?  Do you seek to…Read more Healthy Nutrients for a Healthy Life
  • Where Is There?! - By Shardai Jones – AVC Navigator Many of you are at the tender age where you are transitioning into adulthood and trying to figure out where you are headed in life. With the influence of the media, peer pressure and expectations from family and friends, you may feel compelled to BE something while reaching for…Read more Where Is There?!
  • Digital Media – The Expanding World of Creativity - By Marquita E. Waters – AVC Navigator Creativity knows no bounds in the digital media world.  If you are imaginative, innovative, and would like to be on the cutting edge of an explosive career that will take you to infinity and beyond in creative projects, salary, and benefits, maybe Digital Media is for you. The…Read more Digital Media – The Expanding World of Creativity
  • Hot Fun In The Summertime & The Living Is Easy & Economical - By Marquita E. Waters – AVC Navigator We have only a week and a half left before we are free for the summer!  What to do?  What to do?  What to do? Some students will want to catch up on some much needed sleep.  Others will want to assess all the parties they missed, all…Read more Hot Fun In The Summertime & The Living Is Easy & Economical

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Fall 2014 OasisClick here to download a PDF of the Fall 2014 Oasis.
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3 thoughts on “AVC Navigator

  1. Hey I’m a student on campus and I would really like of you guys had articles on things that could effect students. I’m sure this is the campus news so I think articles that affect students should be on here. Stuff like statistics on how many transfer out and how many came in, I guess facts. Also things that happen with clubs and ASO. I don’t know just suggestions.

  2. Hey Tony,
    The student writers are working on it, and especially a transfer story. If you are interested in writing for the Navigator, please consider joining our staff (taking J121 and J123). I’ve passed your note onto the Editor.

    Dr. R.

  3. Love that the newspaper’s link is on AVC’s website, I had no idea how to get to the schools paper. Great idea! The articles from the fall 2014 class are informative thus far. I work on campus and had no idea when the football season starts, that we had a journalism club, or that we are putting on a comedy called “Noises Off,” which sounds like it will be a very entertaining show. I look forward to getting more great information from your paper, possibly updates on these articles.

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